The Muse Podcast gives you a front row seat to groundbreaking new musicals in development. This brand-new podcast spotlights a wide range of musicals, bringing the stories, songs and characters to life with the help of the shows’ writers. Muse is a behind-the-scenes showcase of some of musical theatre’s most compelling and daring new voices, featuring in-studio performances of original songs, table reads and interviews. Muse was produced by the National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT) and One Foot Productions, and hosted by Ciera Iveson and Kevin Merritt.


Muse features five episodes, each highlighting a new musical that was developed through NAMTs Festival of New Musicals. The five new musicals featured include Bleeding Love by Harris Doran, Jason Schafer and Arthur Lafrentz Bacon, from the 2012 Festival of New Musicals; Iron John: An American Ghost Story by Jacinth Greywoode and Rebecca Hart, from the 2019 Festival; Simon and Jorge Pay Their Student Loans by Jesse Gage, from the 2019 Festival; Teeth by Anna K. Jacobs and Michael R. Jackson, from the 2019 Festival; and XY by Oliver Houser, developed with Hunter Bird, from the 2018 Festival.

All five episodes are now available for free to listeners on most major podcasting platforms.

Search for “The Muse Discover New Musicals” in the podcast app of your choice! (May not be available on some services.)