Strengthen the evolving ecosystem of musical theatre.


To be a catalyst for nurturing musical theatre development, production, innovation and collaboration.

Core Values

To achieve this mission, NAMT commits to:

  • Evolve and advance the musical theatre art form
  • Create and connect a welcoming musical theatre community for all
  • Inspire and excite the field to include the broadest possible range of voices

NAMT is committed to a musical theatre field that includes and embraces people of all backgrounds, identities and abilities. We strive every day to nurture a musical theatre canon that reflects and celebrates the rich diversity of our nation and the world.


Black Lives Matter

We at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre are deeply saddened and angered by the injustice the Black community continues to face. We are committed to standing together with, listening to and elevating the voices of the Black community now and at all times. 
We are not neutral. We reject white supremacy and racism, and we support the ongoing fight for racial equality.
We also recognize the systemic inequalities in our field and know that our words are only as valuable as their accompanying actions. As a service organization, we are committed not only to changing our organization, but also to evaluating, supporting and advancing the broader changes needed in the musical theatre community. We will develop concrete anti-racist actions to help move us all forward.
For today, we re-commit to a culture of listening and self-challenge. We as an organization cannot fulfill our mission and truly commit to our core values unless all voices are protected and elevated equally.  
Black Lives Matter.
Read our full Statement of Commitment to Racial Equity

This page was last updated on 11/08/2023