Plan Summary 2016-2021

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT) establishes its major priorities every five years.

Given the current good health of NAMT and its programs, the plan for the next five years is viewed as an evolving guide for action that focuses on three critical priorities and the new/expanded programmatic opportunities that support them:

  • Expand the musical theatre network by both broadening and lengthening the pipeline. Increase access and inclusivity, as well as the range of developmental opportunities.
    • Increase the number of shows influenced directly and indirectly by NAMT (Expansion Strategy)
    • Be at the forefront of digital accessibility for new works (Technology Strategy)
    • Build a pipeline of inclusive work which the Festival will ultimately introduce to the industry at large (Access Strategy)
  • Diversify membership, Board and artist participation in NAMT.
    • Expand access for Conference attendees & broaden programming
    • Diversify membership
    • Focus on Board’s composition to improve inclusivity
  • Advocate for and facilitate community engagement and educational initiatives across the NAMT membership
    • Develop definition of “community engagement” that embraces the huge range of activities and efforts that fit the broad category
    • Establish NAMT as a key resource for information and best practices about, and support for, community engagement activities
    • Establish community engagement as a core topic in NAMT events, joining new works, marketing and development


The strategic plan development process also affirmed NAMT’s commitment to current high-quality core programs in both the new works and educational resource arenas, including (but not limited to):


New Works Development


Educational Resources


In addition, NAMT will continue to deliver other valued member services such as industry surveys and member-only benefits and discounts, and we will continue to assess the relevance of all member benefits periodically.

Importantly, this Plan was built on three key tenets that will continue to play a vital role through its five-year life:

  • NAMT Board and membership must have ownership of the plan.
  • The plan must be developed—and implemented—with an outward-looking view.
  • The plan must have measurable milestones with quantified metrics; we can only succeed if we know—and monitor—what success looks like.


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