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Save the Dates!

October 22 - 23, 2024

NYC and Online

Pershing Square Signature Center
480 West 42nd Street

Maybe the most important musical theatre networking event of the year, the Fall Conference explores the most pressing issues around new work production and development, as well as the state of the industry more broadly. Just as importantly, it provides a community for leaders of theatres from all over the country and the world to share best practices, brainstorm and support one another.

In addition to the in-person Conference in New York, we continue to offer an online/hybrid experience so that more members may participate from anywhere! Our mobile and desktop app allow all attendees to connect regardless of which option they choose. Discounts will be available for multiple participants to attend from your organization, with extremely low rates to add online attendees from organizations who also send representatives in person.


Registration will open in July, 2024!


Participation Guidelines

NAMT is committed to recognizing and celebrating the diversity of experiences, talents, skills, cultures and opinions that our members bring to our community, and specifically to our events. We invite you to participate in all of our Conferences, Roundtables, Festivals and other events, both online and in-person, in a spirit of open-mindedness, curiosity and respect.

We want every NAMT event to be a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all participants. In that spirit, we ask you to…

  • Be inclusive, actively seeking and inviting diverse perspectives
  • Recognize that some people are comfortable responding quickly and verbally and others are not, and create space for those who may need more time to be heard
  • Listen to understand
  • Participate in an active and direct way, with professionalism and respect for others
  • Be considerate, kind, constructive and helpful in your language and actions
  • Use “I” statements and avoid generalizations
  • Assume good intentions but acknowledge impact
  • Ask questions if something isn’t clear, and receive both questions and answers with openness and generosity
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and language
  • Respect confidentiality requests by speakers and other participants

We may take action (up to and including expulsion with no refund and exclusion from future events) to redress disruptive, disrespectful or offensive behavior or any other actions perceived by NAMT staff and/or Board to be in conflict with the above guidelines. 

We know that learning and working together can produce both joy and conflict. We recognize that to learn is to stumble, and we are striving to provide a space for risk, creativity, respect, appreciation, growth and collaboration. When addressing conflicts of any type, we commit to these Participation Guidelines.

Thank you to every NAMT community member for helping to make all of our events informative, inclusive and respectful.

This page was last updated on 05/28/2024