Songwriting 101: Words & Lyrics

October 6, 2023, 5:00 - 6:00 pm ET

Watch the Video:


Hey students, ever wonder how songwriters create lyrics that stick in your head and make characters unforgettable? Step inside the brain of an experienced songwriter to show you how awesome lyrics can truly come to life. Learn the tips, tricks and even the obstacles that go into creating words that make characters and stories pop in a song.

This is the first of two online events held as part of the Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge for High School Students, this webinar is part workshop, part info session. In addition to an in-depth exploration of lyric writing in musical theatre, NAMT New Works Director Frankie Dailey will offer a detailed walk-through of the application process for the Songwriting Challenge. Participants are encouraged to engage, ask questions and take in the beginnings of a creative journey! 

Can’t make it to the scheduled time? No problem! A recording of this webinar will be made available on the NAMT website.


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