Bring the Songwriting Challenge to your Community

Bring the excitement and creativity of the Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge to your school, community, or educational organization. Dive into the world of songwriting and provide a platform for talented high school students to showcase their abilities.


Why Introduce the Challenge in Your Community?

This is more than just a competition. It’s an opportunity for students to:

  • Explore the realms of songwriting and music.
  • Develop their skills with guidance from professionals.
  • Engage with a broader community passionate about musical theater.



Getting Started:

1. Informational Session:

  • Introduce the challenge in your school assembly or community meeting.
  • Come back here for our Songwriting Challenge Kit which will include an informational one-sheet, print-at-school posters, social cards and a customizable eblast template. 

*Click to download the Songwriting Challenge Kit*

2. Promotional Activities:

  • Use the Print-at-School Poster in popular spots: libraries, cafeterias and local community centers.
  • Encourage students and local artists to share about the challenge on their social media using our Social Cards. Remember to tag @namt_org and @NEAarts!

3. Engage and Educate:

  • Check out NAMT’s Songwriting 101 Session. More details here.  
  • For those looking for an advanced understanding, take a look at our Songwriting 201 Session. More details here. 


Be a Community Champion:

Engage Local Businesses: Seek partnerships with local music stores, cafes or libraries to host live songwriting sessions or workshops.

Collaborate with Educational Organizations: Team up with local educational bodies, art councils or theater groups to amplify the reach.

Showcase Talents: Host community songwriting showcases or open mics leading up to the submission deadline, creating a buzz around the challenge.


Ready to go? 

Learn more about the Songwriting Challenge Application and get started with your submission!

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This page was last updated on 11/21/2023