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Who knew Wichita was such a talent pipeline to Broadway?

The Wichita Eagle recently wrote a feature on NAMT Member Music Theatre Wichita, focusing on the caliber of MTW’s work, and how that makes the Kansas theatre a pipeline to Broadway for many young actors. The piece talks with many actors and theatre professionals who credit MTW as the place that kick-started their careers. Producing artistic director Wayne Bryan is also featured in the piece, discussing MTW’s programs and the important role that the theatre plays in shaping Broadway’s talent pool.

“There’s a real passion and a real openness to, I think, a lot of the performers that come out of the MTWichita program, and I think that contrasts with a lot of other young actors I see, where there’s a lot of self-doubt and a lot of sort of competition and a lot of second-guessing themselves,” [Stephen Kopel, Broadway casting director and MTW alum] said. “The folks that work at MTWichita, probably because they’re working at such a professional environment, come out a step ahead in terms of knowing how to present yourself, not second-guessing yourself and not treating everything as a sort of competition. There is an openness and joy to what those performers do, and I think that comes from MTWichita.”

To read the rest of the article, visit The Wichita Eagle‘s website.

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