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WaterTower Theatre’s CREEP-ing Ambition

The Dallas Morning News reports on NAMT member WaterTower Theatre’s ambitious undertaking, the world premiere musical CreepThe show’s journey wound up involving three NAMT members — our favorite kind of networking success story!

[WaterTower Artistic Director Terry] Martin was so intrigued, he directed a workshop of Creep as part of WaterTower’s annual Out of the Loop Fringe Festival in 2010. There was positive feedback, but Martin didn’t think it was ready for a full production….

Uptown Players staged a workshop in 2013 under the direction of Michael Serrecchia, a former star of Broadway’s original Chorus Line, who is now Musical Theatre Program Chair at KD Studio. Fowler added new songs and fresh visual touches, including having ensemble members portray the London fog.

Martin came to see it. He was impressed. There were many reasons not to do it. There were no big or familiar names to promote with the project. Fowler was a first-time musical composer. It was not a star vehicle. The subject matter was dark and, as a mystery, hard to summarize.

Still, Martin wanted to do it….

Putting the pieces together, however, would be tricky. A new musical is tough to finance because everything has to be done from scratch, from the orchestrations to the costumes and sets.

“I knew it could be staged if we got the right people at the table, including a strong director who could bring a fresh eye to it and who had experience developing new musicals,” Martin says.

He asked the National Alliance for Musical Theatre in New York for a recommendation. They suggested Kate Galvin, associate producer of the 11th Hour Theatre Company in Philadelphia.

Read the whole story in The Dallas Morning News.

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