Seize the moment at the New Works Summits

As theatre people, we tend to not venture far from home and see each other’s work. We pour so much time into our jobs and craft that it can seem daunting to go see someone else’s show when all you can think about is your own. But there is something vital about seeing other work.

This is why NAMT holds New Works Summits all around the country; to get us out and seeing new works at member theatres and sharing the experience with our colleagues.

The Summits are truly special events. Small and intimate, you actually find time to say “hi” and to have conversations with everyone. Together we get to enjoy a weekend filled with shows and other events as peers. There is something invigorating about seeing a musical with fellow producers and writers who you can turn to afterwards and spark up a discussion then and there, not over the internet.

I hope that many of you will join us January 14-16 at Goodspeed Musicals in CT for the next New Works Summit. Let’s experience these new musicals together!

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