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The Brass Teapot: A New Musical

2024 Festival

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Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 4
Number of Principals (Female): 4
Number of Principals (Trans / GNC): 1
Preferred Ensemble Size: 10
Total Cast Size: 18
Orchestra Breakdown:

Piano (1), Guitar (1-2), Drums (1), Bass (1), Synth (0-1), Cello (0-1)

Casting Notes:

Some Principals will double as Ensemble, so that a realistic cast size could be between 11-14. Other than the main couple JOHN and ALICE, DR. L is the next biggest character and we are intentionally keeping gender and race entirely open for this role as it has the potential to inform the direction of that character, their relationships, and frankly, the lore of the teapot in unlimited potential interesting ways.

Genre & Style:

Dark Comedy, Alt-Rock-Pop Musical, Musical Thriller

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Based on the 2012 indie cult film, The Brass Teapot is a magical, mischievous dark musical comedy with a driving alt-pop-rock score that asks: how far would you go to hurt the ones you love, if it meant you and they would want for nothing?

Development History

The Brass Teapot is adapted from the 2012 indie cult film of the same name. The creative team began working on the musical stage version in 2019 and held an informal Zoom reading of the first draft in June 2021. After a writing retreat in 2022, major structural changes were implemented, and further improvements were made. The piece was named a semi-finalist for the O’Neill Center’s 2023 National Music Theater Conference, as well as the American Music Theatre Project at Northwestern University. The third complete draft was accepted to NAMT’s 36th Annual Festival of New Musicals in 2024.