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Pamela's First Musical

2008 Festival

David Zippel

Allison Blackwell, Stephen Bogardus, Dan Bogart, Lila Coogan, Adam Jacobs, Carrie Johnson, Deborah Lew, Karen Mason, Dan Petrotta, Daniel Reichard, Devin Richards, Lewis J. Stadlen, Allison Walla and Karen Ziemba

Number of Acts: 1
Genre & Style:

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Pamela’s First Musical is the story of a young suburban girl who feels out of place. Her mother has passed away and she lives with her father and two brothers who don’t understand her. Pamela’s active fantasy life and infatuation with Broadway keeps her from being too sad or lonely. On the occasion of her 11th birthday she learns that her father is about to re-marry. Just when Pamela thinks her entire world is going to crash, her eccentric Aunt Louise arrives. Aunt Louise is a New York fashion designer who sweeps Pamela off to New York City and her first Broadway musical. There, she meets producers, writers, actors, directors and choreographers and discovers the world of Broadway Theater and its off-stage and on-stage magic. As Aunt Louise says “A Broadway Musical can cure anything.” Pamela’s trip to New York inspires her to write and direct her own musical and to “collaborate” with her blended family, which, ultimately, brings them all together.