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1996 Festival

Number of Principals (Male): 5
Number of Principals (Female): 5
Total Cast Size: 10
Orchestra Breakdown:

8: 2 synthesizers, woodwinds, drums, horn, harp

Genre & Style:

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Set in a Paris boarding house in 1899, Mirette is the story of a 10-year old girl who befriends a recluse in the basement. The recluse turns out to be the most famous highwire walker in the world who has lost his nerve. Through the musical, Mirette helps him to regain the courage to get back on the wire and ultimately becomes his partner.

Festival Successes

Full productions at Goodspeed Opera House (CT) in 1998, York Theatre (NY) in 2005, and Princeton Festival (NJ) in 2008, Music Theatre Wichita (KS) in 2021. Licensed by Music Theatre International.