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Ballad Of Little Pinks

2003 Festival

Connie Grappo

Music Director
Brent-Alan Huffman

Kim Cea, Trisha Gorman, Michael McGrath, Sarah Jane Nelson, Ron Orbach, Jennifer Smith, Frank Vlastnik and Lee Wilkof

Contact for Rights

Rick Kunis, 914-669-6770; Richard Kraft, 818-380-1918,

Number of Acts: 2

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Based on a Damon Runyon short story, with music by Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid), this Depression-era musical pairs up Your Highness, an ambitious, tough-talking chorus Judy with her pick of all the swells on Broadway, and Little Pinks, a big-hearted busboy named for the small size of his ego and his inseam. When life deals Your Highness a mighty fall, Pinks is the only one there to catch her. With nothing for fuel but her indomitable will, the two set out on an improbable journey to fulfill her impossible dream, encountering dozens of colorful Runyonesque characters along the way.