Webinar: What Next, What Now…Next!

February 2, 2022 3:00 pm ET

At the Fall Conference we asked the questions What Next and What Now? Our concluding panel specifically looked at what musical theatre might look like in one year? Two? Ten? What innovations and tools from the time when our doors were closed do we want to keep as we move forward? How can we use technology to provide greater access to audiences and artists alike? These are bigger questions than an hour-long conference panel could possibly contain, and the world keeps changing every day, so we’re reconvening our panelists to continue the conversation. What next??

Moderated by Sharon Fallon (Sharon Fallon Productions, Inc.), with Kwofe Coleman (The Muny), Tralen Doler (Broadway Licensing/Broadway On Demand) and Mei Ann Teo (Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

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