Crisis Engagement: 12 Tasks To Engage Donors In Turbulent Times

April 28, 2020 2:00 pm ET

Amidst a still-unfolding public health and economic crisis, leaders of nonprofit organizations are profoundly challenged to sustain the support of their donors, members, volunteers, and other stakeholders. This 24-minute webinar (presented live, with additional time for open Q&A) offers an espresso shot of substantive & actionable recommendations designed to help you protect the relationships upon which your organization depends.

Topics include:

  • Taking Care of Yourself & Your Team.
  • Safeguard your Donor Management System.
  • 3 Relevant Questions to Ask your Largest Donors.
  • 4 Meaningful Ways to Connect with Small Donors.
  • Now What? What Needs to Change/What Must Stay the Same?
  • How to Unleash the Immense Power of your Volunteers.
  • Why your Vision Statement is Suddenly More Valuable than your Mission Statement.
  • and much more

About the presenter: From a 20+ year career in nonprofit management, Matt Lehrman founded Social Prosperity Partners, a practice devoted to uniting leaders in endeavors of great imagination and initiative. He has consulted and presented workshops on donor & stakeholder engagement, audience development, civic engagement, and loyalty & customer engagement throughout the US and UK.

What attendees say:

  • “Very insightful, gave plenty of ideas that we can take action on immediately.”
  • “Concrete action steps … hopeful and a great confidence boost…”
  • “This webinar helped us go from panic mode to a plan.”

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