About NAMT

“I believe NAMT is the nation’s central intersection for organizations committed to the future of the American Musical Theatre. As an organization not based in NYC, NAMT provides an opportunity to intersect with our national colleagues in a profound way.”

Peter Rothstein
Artistic Director, Theater Latté Da

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre, founded in 1985, is a national service organization dedicated exclusively to musical theatre. Our mission is to advance musical theatre by nurturing the creation, development, production and presentation of new and classic musicals; providing a forum for the sharing of resources and information relating to professional musical theatre through communications, networking and programming; and advocating for the imagination, diversity and joy unique to musical theatre.

Our Members

“NAMT members are uniquely approachable and friendly.”

Matthew Schneider
Creative Endeavor Office

Our 160 organizational and 40 individual members — including institutional theatres, developmental companies, higher education programs, presenting organizations and individual producers — are some of the leading producers of musical theatre in the world. These organizations’ leaders believe in the value NAMT adds to their theatres through new work development and funding, conferences, relationships, and the sharing of ideas, regardless of whether they produce only musicals, a mix of musicals and straight plays, new works, classics, or all of the above.

We foster relationships among our members, which have led to exciting partnerships and co-productions, as well as other opportunities to network and brainstorm, facilitate innovation in the field and bring our members together from all over North America to collaborate. As a NAMT member, you would find yourself in the company of like-minded, energetic producers from across the country, all working to advance the field.

NAMT’s members make a vital impact in their communities — economically, in education, and by entertaining millions of people.

Last season, the NAMT members collectively…

  • Employed over 33,000 people
  • Staged more than 18,000 performances attended by nearly 8.5 million people
  • Entertained over 736,000 loyal subscribers
  • Provided education programs for 1.5 million students and teachers
  • Had operating budgets totaling $630,000,000
  • Performed in 290 facilities with a total of more than 186,000 seats
as of 9/18/18
NAMT by the Numbers Survey (PDF)