Navigating the 35th Annual Festival of New Musicals: A Guide for Industry Professionals

The 35th Annual Festival of New Musicals is upon us! This yearly event is a dazzling showcase of what’s new and groundbreaking in the world of musical theatre. Taking place on October 26 and 27 at New World Stages, this Festival is a focal point for professionals from various corners of the industry, from writers and directors to producers and presenters to educators and artist services providers.

Are you planning to attend? Great! The Festival is not just a celebration but also an exceptional networking opportunity. To make the most out of your experience, here are some essential tips to consider:


1. Bring Business Cards

Why it matters: Networking is an integral part of any professional event, and the Festival of New Musicals is no exception. With an array of talented professionals attending, you’ll want to be prepared to make connections that could lead to collaborative opportunities.

What to do: Don’t forget to pack a stack of business cards to exchange. You’ll also give business cards to shows that you find interesting throughout the two days of events. Ensure your cards include up-to-date contact information and perhaps a line or two about your expertise or services.


2. Bring a Colleague

Why it matters: Sometimes, two heads are better than one. Bringing along a colleague means you can cover more ground, engage with a broader range of people, and share perspectives.

What to do: Whether it’s a team member from your organization or a friend from another company specializing in producing, presenting, or developing musicals, coordinate your plans to maximize your networking reach. After all, the Festival of New Musicals is about fostering collaboration and community in the industry.


3. Buy an Ad in the Program

Why it matters: Investing in an ad in the festival’s program doesn’t just support the event; it also gives you a platform to present yourself or your organization to a highly targeted audience.

What to do: Think of your ad as an introduction to the attendees who may not get the chance to meet you in person. With a compelling message and design, your ad will serve as a tangible reminder of your work, resonating long after the curtains have closed. Interested? Visit here, and email NAMT Project Coordinator Emma Cordray at 


4. Check out Who Else is Coming

Why it matters: Knowing who will be in attendance can help you prepare for meaningful conversations and set up meetings in advance.

What to do: Visit and click on the “Attendees” section to browse the list of leaders and professionals in the field (list is updated regularly; keep coming back!). Take note of those with whom you wish to connect and make a plan!


5. Sign up for the Festival Preview and Other Announcements

Why it matters: Staying in the loop means you’ll be prepared. Knowing the lineup, schedule, and other announcements can help you navigate the Festival with ease.

What to do: Head over to to sign up for Festival-related announcements and updates. This will give you insights into the shows and artists featured, enriching your Festival experience.


By thoughtfully implementing these tips, you’re sure to maximize your time and connections at the 35th Annual Festival of New Musicals. We look forward to seeing you there!

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