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Member in the News: Big Data and Jazz Hands: How One Company Aims to Bring Silicon Valley to Broadway

Last week, Variety took a look at Apples and Oranges Arts‘ new works program, THEatre ACCELERATOR to dig into the unique way that this NAMT member is looking at new musical development. The Accelerator uses Silicon Valley entrepreneurial techniques to speed up the new musical development process. Variety spoke with Tim Kashani, Apples and Oranges’ co-founder, to get some further insight into the program’s creation and its goals.

“The pitch is: We’ve mashed up Silicon Valley and Broadway,” said Tim Kashani, who’s been the head of tech company IT Mentors for 20 years and co-founded Apples and Oranges with his wife Pamela in 2008. “We choose to accelerate the middle part of the Broadway development process.”

That middle part he’s talking about is the gap between a 29-hour development workshop and a full production, where projects can often stall. The Accelerator program aims to speed things along with insights from the tech world, including “growth-hacking” an audience base and using data points to help guide creative revisions.

To read the whole article, visit Variety’s website.

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