New Works and New Technology

September 18, 2017 3:30 pm ET

Apples and Oranges Arts explores the ways in which cutting-edge technologies and processes can offer new opportunities for writers, composers and producing organizations in musical theatre development.  See how we blend technology and the arts in our THEatre ACCELERATOR development program and distribute what we learn for others to replicate.  As mixed, augmented and virtual reality; machine learning; and artificial intelligence revolutionize the entertainment space, discover some of the innovative tools we are developing to support musical theatre development, distribution and production including our Show/Venue Match database application and our AR Set Builder tool.

  • 1:58 – Tim Kashani introduction and overview
  • 6:34 – The case with Napster
  • 7:53 – The remover of gatekeepers
  • 10:46 – The philosophy behind The Accelerator
  • 16:05 – The data and technology behind the Accelerator
  • 19:34 – An example of using data and technology
  • 24:25 – How data and wisdom lead to ticket sales
  • 25:04 – An example that was built for An American in Paris
  • 27:21 – How new technology was applied using THEatre ACCELERATOR
  • 31:00 – THEatre ACCELERATOR 3 phases
  • 34:38 – THEatre ACCELERATOR traditional distribution paths
  • 36:01 – THEatre ACCELERATOR sing tanks
  • 37:57 – Emerging technology that is still being played by Tim
  • 38:35 – An example of technology from the creative stand point
  • 43:09 – The goals of the Show Venue Match projects
  • 46:03 – Using game techniques with the Next Big Hit to get people interested in musical theatre
  • 47:09 – VR story board examples
  • 48:22 – How to help actors with the new technology
  • 50:48- Conclusions and how to get in contact with Apples and Oranges

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