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Price Of Everything, The (fka Thorstein Veblen's Theory of the Leisure Class)

2002 Festival

Thommie Walsh

Music Director
Richard B. Evans

Robert Bartley, Matt Bogart, Felicia Finley, Kathy Fitzgerald, Michele Ragusa and Nick Wyman

Contact for Rights

Ron Gwiazda, Rosenstone/Wenden Agency, 38 East 29th St. 10th floor, NYC, 212-725-9445,

Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 5
Number of Principals (Female): 4
Total Cast Size: 9
Orchestra Breakdown:

piano alone; or piano, woodwind, violin, bass/tuba, and percussion

Genre & Style:

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New York City, 1900 It’s the turn of a new century and corporate excess and conspicuous consumption reign: greed is definitely good! Thorstein Veblen, an out-of-work professor of economics, takes his unconventional theories to the vaudeville stage. This vaudevillian musical explodes with humor as it penetrates man’s hunger for a life of money and power.

Festival Successes

Full productions at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Scotland,) Abingdon Theatre (NY), Crossroads Musical Festival of Kansas City (MO) and The Steinhardt School at NYU (NY). Readings at The Village Theatre’s Annual Festival of New Musicals (WA), 6th Street Playhouse (CA) and Broadway Theater Institute’s Musical Monday Theater Lab (NY).