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One Red Flower: Letters From 'Nam

2001 Festival

Contact for Rights

Paris Barclay, 818-954-5006 (phone), 818-977-9800 (fax) Ted Rawlins, 310-652-9955 (phone), 310-652-9050 (fax)

Number of Principals (Male): 6
Number of Principals (Female): 1
Total Cast Size: 7
Orchestra Breakdown:

2 keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, reed, saxophone

Genre & Style:

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A world premiere production sharing the stories of 6 U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam war as told through a series of letters to their wives, mothers, girlfriends. Based on actual letters provided by the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, this is a poignant look at the trials, fears, hardships, and longing for home these men felt. It is a tribute to all veterans and their families.

Festival Successes

Full productions at North Shore Music Theatre (MA), Signature Theatre (VA), The Village Theatre (WA), and Carnegie Mellon University (PA). Readings at The Brentwood Theatre and The Rubicon Theatre (CA).