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Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Female): 6
Number of Principals (Trans / GNC): 1
Total Cast Size: 6
Orchestra Breakdown:

piano, guitar, percussion, base guitar, cello, banjo/mandolin/guitar 2

Casting Notes:
While the cast should only be performed by actors who do not identify as cis-men, it can of course include non-binary actors. While, because of the conservative environment the show takes place in, it’s unlikely any characters would OPENLY identify as anything but women, actors can optionally explore gender exploration/expression how that might realistically happen in this confusing, conservative-baptist midwestern town. The character of Snow, especially, could have this as an added element to her/their character.
Genre & Style:

Magical Realism, Pop-Country

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With graduation in the rearview mirror, Bus is desperate to run away from her Minnesota hometown and everyone in it. The only problem? She can’t outrun herself. LIGHTHOUSE is a sweeping pop-country musical that celebrates the idea that maybe, just maybe every version of yourself is worth being.

Development History

LIGHTHOUSE was developed at NYU Tisch’s Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program as our thesis project (2022-2023). Since then, LIGHTHOUSE been selected for the Richard Rodgers Award (2024), Eugene O’Neill National Music Theater Conference (2024), NAMT Festival of New Musicals (2024), Rhinebeck Writers Retreat (2024), Syracuse University’s New Works, New Voices (2024), Olney Theatre Center Arts Fund finalist (2023), Write Out Loud winner for “Runaway Girl” (2023), Vanguard Theater’s New Work Festival feature (2023), NY Theatre Barn’s New Works Festival feature (2023), and recipient of a developmental production at St. Olaf College (2024).