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Lewis Loves Clark

2024 Festival

Number of Acts: 2
Preferred Ensemble Size: 8
Total Cast Size: 16
Orchestra Breakdown:

piano/accordion/keyboard, bass, drums, guitar/banjo, fiddle, guitar 2

Casting Notes:

Cast size can be between 12 and 16 performers. Gender diversity is important to us and we strongly reject the tradition of casting male historical characters exclusively as men.

Genre & Style:

Comedy, Historical, Drama

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Lewis Loves Clark is a funny, fast-paced epic about the famous Corps of Discovery expedition. Combining bluegrass, folk and pop, this tragicomedy follows Meriwether Lewis (a depressed closeted alcoholic), William Clark (just breathtakingly oblivious), Sacagawea (permanently exasperated), and York (would rather be birdwatching) as they grapple with the not-so-great unknown.

Development History

Lewis Loves Clark was first developed through the 2020-21 Dramatists Guild Fellowship. Thanks to further funding from DGF, Lewis Loves Clark was developed and revised throughout 2021 and 2022 in collaboration with dramaturg DeLanna Studi, culminating in a reading held in June 2022. Most recently, Lewis Loves Clark received the 2023 Richard Rodgers Award for Musical Theater, providing funds for a staged reading at a non-profit theatre—funds which the writers have yet to utilize.