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Everybody Loves My Baby

1999 Festival

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Joyce Ketay 212-354-6825

Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Female): 3
Total Cast Size: 3
Orchestra Breakdown:

5: keyboard, drums, bass, trumpet, woodwind

Genre & Style:

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From the creator of Forever Plaid comes a celebration of Martha, Connie, and Helvetia — the famed Boswell Sisters! Before the Andrews Sisters, the “Bozzies” blended harmonies with angelic precision and blew open the doors of jazz for all women. Born in New Orleans, the Boswells became an international phenomenon, touring the U.S. and Europe to earn the title “World’s Foremost Harmonists.” Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, and Ella Fitzgerald all sang their praises — now you will too. Featuring “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” “Stormy Weather” and nearly 20 other hits from the ’20s and ’30s, THE BOSWELL SISTERS is a musical revue for music lovers of every generation.

Festival Successes

Full production at the Old Globe Theatre (CA) in 2001.