Inside the 2017 Festival: Top 10 Signs Your Town Might Be Sinking into the Ground

Learn more about the world of 2017 Festival Show, Fall Springs, written by Niko Tsakalakos and Peter Sinn Nachtrieb!

10. Mud. Also know as wet dirt.  Ground that is getting increasingly saturated may be losing it’s capability of supporting structures or people. Check your shoes.

9. Micro-earthquakes, rumbling noise, and creepy underscoring. Frequent seismic tremors are often an indicator of ground movement underneath, especially when accompanied with a minor key. An example of a minor key can be heard here.

8. Increased numbers of small sinkholes.  Notice any boulders, street signs, or sheds that have been swallowed by the earth?  This is often an indicator of a potentially larger event coming.

7. Missing pets.  Domesticated animals, even rabbits, have a special sense of impending doom and tend to flee areas on the verge of a major calamity.    If your pet has gone missing, it might be time to get out of town.

6. Seabird arrival.  Pelicans, gulls, and sandpipers, as opposed to pets, are often attracted to major geological events.  This is an especially good indicator in landlocked towns.  A bit more about seabirds and impending doom can be found here.

5. Strained relationships between single parents and their children.   Tensions, especially those from unresolved issues surrounding deceased loved ones, often intensify just before a sinking event.   Fortunately, a disaster is just what’s needed to help resolve those issues.

4. You live in Florida.  Studies show that living in Florida greatly increases your chances of your town sinking.

3. Your best friend’s mom is a nefarious corporate leader who seems to be coercing the leadership of your town into drilling for more oil directly underneath.  Example of nefariousness can be found here.

2. You’re nearing the end of Act 1.  Mid points in stories are often prime locations for something really calamitous to take place.

1. Your geology buff daughter keeps trying to tell you about an overwhelming preponderance of scientific research that clearly indicates that human actions have significantly affected your town and is causing it to sink and ignoring that research doesn’t make it any less true.

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