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Choose Your Own Musical Adventure!

Here’s some fun for your holiday weekend: Alan Schmuckler (How Can You Run With A Shell On Your Back?, Festival 2009) and Dave Holstein have written a musical short film, My Little Red/Green Coat, about a young woman trying to make her way from Harlem to Brooklyn late at night (no easy task!) to reconnect with an ex.

What’s with the slash in the title? The film is interactive, allowing the viewer to make choices for Jessie along the way that seamlessly affect what happens next (after a short vamp in the score). The Chicago Tribune reports:

The film runs four to six minutes, depending on your choices, and employs technology developed by Interlude, a media and technology company specializing in immersive video entertainment. The video premiered at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in July as part of “New Musicals, New Media.”

…four to six minutes or, if you’re like me, thirty to forty because you’re compulsive and have to see all of the outcomes (one of them is surprisingly dark!).

Read more about the project at the Chicago Tribune, and watch the video below!


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