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Two Productions From Perfect Pitch Available Online, which works in partnership with Britain’s leading theatre companies to capture live performance authentically onscreen, has released two productions created and filmed live by NAMT member Perfect Pitch, as part of a new partnership between the two companies.

Perfect Pitch is a not-for-profit theatre company, supported by Arts Council England, dedicated to creating new British musicals. Established in 2006, they work in collaboration with venues, writers, producers and creatives all over the UK and beyond to create, develop, produce and license high quality new British musicals.



A lesson in all things that go unsaid, opportunities not taken and those split second assumptions we make about faces we might pass every day on our way to work.

Watch now.


From Up Here

With a fresh, contemporary score, From Up Here explores time, change and the choices that shape the lives of five very different people whose paths cross in the most unlikely of ways, asking the question: what makes life worth living?

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Congrats to Perfect Pitch on this exciting new partnership!

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