25 DAYS OF NAMT: We’re All Ages!

DAY 11

Some of the most popular shows to come out of the Festival have been productions of Theatre for Young Audiences and family oriented shows. This includes the international sensation Honk! (Fest ‘99) by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, this year’s Festival show by the same authors The Three Little Pigs, last year’s Festival favorite Funked Up Fairy Tales, Andrew Lippa’s A Little Princess (Fest ‘05), and many, many more.

Watch this great video of the title song from another Festival TYA show, How Can You Run With a Shell on Your Back? (Fest ‘09), filmed in Chicago, the same city where the show was developed at NAMT member Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

And don’t forget to attend SHOW OFF!, where one of the benefit honorees is Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s Creative Producer  Rick Boynton.

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