25 DAYS OF NAMT: Three Timers Club

DAY 15

Earlier in this series we shared with you a bit about David Kirshenbaum, the only author to have 4 shows featured in the NAMT Festival. Today, we share the authors who have had three works showcased–and there are six! Learn about their history with the Festival below.

Marian Adler: Ballad of Little Pinks '03, Enter the Guardsman '92, Gunmetal Blues '91; Doug Choen: Barnstormer '08, Glimmerglass '00, The Gigi'94; Mel Marvin: Great Expectations '01, The Perfect 36 '96, Elmer Gantry '93; Brendan Milburn: Sleeping Beauty Wakes '12, Watt?!? '11, Striking 12 '04; Tommy Newman: The Single Girls Guide '13, Band Geeks! '09, Tinyard Hill '07; Richard Oberacker: The Sandman '13, Ace '05, In That Valley '99.

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  1. Seth Christenfeld

    Shouldn’t George Stiles be on this list as well? Honk! and The Three Musketeers in 1999 and now The Three Little Pigs.


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