25 DAYS OF NAMT: They Just Can’t Get Enough!

Day 7
This year’s 25th Annual Festival of New Musicals features FIVE returning teams of  writers. Find out more about the history of each team at NAMT below and be sure to visit the 2013 Festival page to hear clips from their shows. 
Paul Gordon, previously Emma '06; Richard Oberacker & Robert Taylor, previously Ace '05. Andre Pluess & Ben Sussman, previously Winesburg, Ohio '04. Gordon Greenburg & Tommy Newman, previously Band Geeks! '09; George Stiles & Anthony Drewe, previously Honk! '99.
* These authors have appeared at the Festival even more times than are listed above! Without Mr. Taylor, Robert Oberacker co-wrote In That Valley (Fest ’99); without Mr. Greenberg, Tommy Newman penned Tinyard Hill (Fest ’07); without Mr. Drewe, George Stiles was on the team for The Three Musketeers (Fest ’99). We are thrilled to have them and their collaborators back!

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