Seattle Views

I’ve taken two trips to Seattle in the past year – one last June and one just last week – to prep for the upcoming Spring Conference. It’s a beautiful city, and I’m a fan of taking pictures, so to whet your appetite for your trip to Dramatic Marketing next month, here are some photos of what you’ll have to look forward to.
View from the W Seattle hotel, site of the Spring Conference:
Those of us in the office who have been to Blue C Sushi are so obsessed with it we’ve gotten everyone else obsessed with it too. Small plates of freshly made sushi (and other Japanese goodies) whiz by you on a conveyor belt. You take what you want, and when you’re ready for the check the waiter counts your color-coded plates. This is a few blocks from the hotel and The 5th Avenue Theatre.
A lovely spot for a conference coffee break or side meeting:
…and a lovely place to retire to at the end of a long day discussing marketing:
Very modern new light rail and bus station a block away from the hotel. Just $2.75 to get from the airport!
View from The Village Theatre’s First Stage building:
Sunset from The 5th Avenue Theatre: 
Monorail! Left over from the World’s Fair, this will take you from downtown (a couple of blocks from the hotel) to the Space Needle.
Views from the Space Needle:
Pike Place Market, a short walk from the hotel:
Sunset view from in front of Village Theatre’s mainstage last June:
Any Twin Peaks fans out there? Snoqualmie Falls, site of the Great Northern Lodge on the show, is a short drive from Village. (These were taken on a trip a few years ago.)
In the green room of The 5th Avenue Theatre: 

“Musical theater and those who create it are critical to the enrichment of our soul. Your work is about entertainment and enlightenment of the human spirit. We take this wondrous journey with you. Through our laughter and tears are all who we were, who we are and who we could become. Bravo to you who light our way!” -Kenny & Marleen Alhadeff

These are just a few of the sights Seattle has to offer. I hope you’ll join us and explore them all for yourself! Conference registration for NAMT members is open until March 8. Details at

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