Q: Who can use NAMT’s New Musicals Map?

The New Musical Map is for anyone who wants to get more information about new musicals in development all over the world!  The primary map features can be accessed by any user, without a NAMT login.  For additional content about shows and access to our Production and New Works Databases, please use your NAMT login.

Q: What is the purpose of the Map?

The New Musicals Map is a brand-new place to discover, follow and learn more about new musicals in development all over the world.  The Map includes new musicals developed by NAMT Members and Festival Alumni writers at any stage of development, and connects to NAMT’s established Production and New Works databases to give users a one-stop place to search for information about new musicals. 

The map can be used to discover upcoming shows in cities you are visiting, to find out where a Festival show has been developed since you saw it last, or to browse titles you may not yet be familiar with. 

Q: I am not finding my show on the map.  Why isn’t it included?

A: The NAMT New Musicals Map only features new musicals written by NAMT alumni writers or shows developed by NAMT Members.   If your show meets that criteria and isn’t listed, please fill our form to add it to the map!   Please note, to keep loading speeds reasonable the map only includes development from the last ten years.  The map will be updated once a week with new additions.

Q: How do I see information about past shows?

A: The map defaults to show upcoming projects, but you can easily change that filter by using the drop down menu next to the box that says “Current and Upcoming”.

Q: Why does the “production type” search have limited results?

A: The map is only as good as our data!  If you have an update to a show on the map, including production type, please update your information.  If your results are limited, try expanding your search criteria.

Q: I thought this was a global map.  Why am I only seeing US-based results?

A: The map expands to show locations of any shows that meet your search criteria.  Try a new search and see what you find!

This page was last updated on 09/20/2018