Eligibility FAQs

What type of shows is NAMT looking for?
All types! We want to present eight exciting and balanced great works of art that inspire and motivate the industry to produce them! The Festival Selection Committee selects shows that are of the highest quality across the widest possible range of themes and styles and sizes in various stages of development. To see a list of shows we have recently presented, please check out the Festival History page.

My musical has already had a full production or is being considered for future productions at regional theatres. Does this disqualify it from submission? 
No, it does not.  The Festival is actually a great way to find future productions and development opportunities. We have presented many shows that have had multiple regional productions and also shows that have never had a reading before. We are looking for shows across the development spectrum.

Can I submit my musical if I do not use original music? 
Yes. If you submit a musical that does not use original music, please be sure to provide documentation of full underlying rights clearance or documentation that the music is in the public domain.

My musical has a commercial producer attached. Is that a problem? 
Not at all! The Festival is a fantastic way for producers to find future producing partners across the country to help develop the show.  Shows that are accepted as part of the Festival with a commercial producer will still be presented on an absolutely equal footing with the other shows at the Festival. The producer will be included in the process but will not be permitted to supplement or enhance in any way. The producer will also be asked to sign the agreement with NAMT, if the show is accepted into the Festival.

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Submission FAQs

My musical is based on another property and the original author or underlying rights holder will only give me clearance to submit the show to the Festival, but not through to full production. Can I still submit my show? 
Each case is different and we understand that some underlying rights holders are more protective than others. Before submitting, contact New Works Director Frankie Dailey at frankie@namt.org or 212-714-6668 x14.

Do I have to submit a professional quality demo? 
The demo should be a good quality recording with a clear accompaniment (often piano or guitar) and clear vocals. We also recommend that the singers on the recording are the appropriate vocal types for the show. The Festival Selection Committee and Round 1 Screening Committee are trained and able to evaluate demos of varying final production qualities with the same consideration, and the advantage you can offer yourself in any case is a clear and crisp sound that accurately reflects the style of the music. Make it as easy to hear what’s important to you as possible.

Can I submit my score, orchestrations or lead sheets for consideration?
We only need the demo tracks, which are uploaded to your application, and can not accept any additional materials. You may optionally provide a written score upon first submission. If you are selected as a Round 3 Finalist, we will ask for a complete score in May.

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Festival FAQs

What does NAMT financially expect once my musical appears in the Festival?
Nothing. NAMT takes no future royalties and does not encumber the piece in any way. We do require credit and acknowledgment in future productions and/or publications. Also, you may not sign any contractual agreements on your show between the time it is selected until 21 days after the Festival, unless a prior contract has been signed.

Why are the presentations 45 minutes?
The Festival is a marketplace for new musicals and the audience is made up of theatre professionals looking for new talent and new shows to produce.  To attract the most theatre professionals to the Festival, we have found that presenting 45-minute presentations over two days garners the highest attendance levels.

What costs are covered?
NAMT covers the following costs for each presentation: performance venue and costs for all festival locations, all production & technical equipment, writer fees, actor fees, director fees, musical director fees, band fees, stage manager fees, directing observer fees, line producer fees, sound designer and audio production staff payments, casting costs, rehearsal space costs, production and rehearsal supplies, script printing/copying and the costs of a Festival program & show insert for the Festival presentation, awareness and invitations, . NAMT is not able to pay for travel or housing for any artists involved in the presentation, nor is it able to pay for development of orchestrations of the presentation.

What are the limitations put on the presentation beyond the 45-minute time limit?
The maximum number of cast members in our presentations is 10 actors (this includes stage directions, if applicable). Each show will be permitted 3 band players per show, most times a piano and two additional instruments. 

Should my musical be selected, am I required to provide the cast?
NAMT hires a professional casting director to work with each show. The NAMT and Festival staff work closely with each show’s Writers to find the best creative team and cast possible.

I normally star in, direct or music direct my shows. Is this possible at the NAMT Festival? 
To ensure focus on the writing, we typically do not permit our writers to hold any other roles during the Festival process.

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This page was last updated on 11/13/2023