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The 3hree Musketeers

1999 Festival

Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 10
Number of Principals (Female): 3
Preferred Ensemble Size: 22
Total Cast Size: 35
Orchestra Breakdown:

24: Violin (5), Cello (2), Trombone (2), Trumpet (2), Bass (1), Woodwinds (5), Percussion (2), Viola (1), Harp (1), French Horn (3)

Genre & Style:

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Set in the 17th century, this adventure revolves around young D’Artagnan’s desire to become one of the King’s noble Musketeers. Amidst a war brewing between France and England, D’Artagnan falls in love with the lovely Constance, fights off Cardinal Richelieu’s men, and rejects the desires of the dangerous Milady de Winter. Against a backdrop of political intrigue, deception, and loyalty in the French court, D’Artagnan learns the true meaning of being a Musketeer.