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Liberty Smith

2000 Festival

Roger Bart

Sarah Gurfield

Music Director
Michael Lavine

John Ayers, Gavin Creel, Susan Egan, Allen Fitzpatrick, Jeff Gardner, Jodie Langel, Ken Prymus, Anthony Rapp, Robin Skye, Mary Stout and Clarke Thorell

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Meet Liberty, the amazing American frontiersman with the uncanny ability to be present at the greatest historical moments, including the Boston Tea Party, the discovery of electricity, and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. This fast-paced ride through early American life is a history lesson like no other!

Festival Successes

Full production at Ford’s Theatre (DC), 2011. Staged readings at North Shore Music Theatre (MA) in 2003, New York Musical Theatre Festival (NY) in 2005, and Ford’s Theatre (2006, 2008). Nominated for 6 Helen Hayes Awards. Licensed by the authors for regional and amateur productions:  Mitch Douglas c/o ICM, 212-757-9679