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Iron Curtain

2009 Festival

Cara Reichel

Fred Applegate, Maria Couch, David Foley, Jr., Liz Larsen, Lisa Mindelle, Aaron Ramey, Dara Seitzman, Doug Shapiro, Robby Sharpe, Jim Stanek and Betsy Wolfe

Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 4
Number of Principals (Female): 3
Preferred Ensemble Size: 7
Total Cast Size: 14
Orchestra Breakdown:

piano, accoustic bass, drums, synth, reed, 2 violin

Genre & Style:

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New York, 1954: madcap farce about two hapless songwriters kidnapped by the KGB, brought to Moscow, and forced to “fix” a Communist Propaganda musical. Filled with divas and dominatrixes, secrets and spies, mishaps and misdirects as our heroes desperately try to get back home.

Festival Successes

Off Broadway production with Prospect Theater Company and full production at Village Theatre (WA) both in 2011.