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The Enchanted Cottage

2002 Festival

Will Pomerantz

Music Director
Mark Goodman

Jeff Blumenkrantz, Joann Cunningham, Annie Golden, Michael Hayden, John Jellison, Joe Kolinski, Steve Routman, Maureen Silliman and Emily Skinner

Contact for Rights

Sarah Douglas, Douglas and Kopelman Artists, 212-445-0160; Pat McLaughlin, 212-765-5533

Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 5
Number of Principals (Female): 4
Total Cast Size: 9
Orchestra Breakdown:

from 3 pieces (piano, cello, percussion) on up (adding strings, woodwinds, and bass)

Genre & Style:

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Step into the world of the Enchanted Cottage where a crippled man turns able and an ugly woman turns beautiful. This heartfelt musical soars with the power of romance and beauty in a post-World War I time where everything seems possible.

Festival Successes

Full productions at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NY) in 2004 and Spirit of Broadway Theatre (CT) in 2008. Reading at the York Theatre (NY) in 2005. Recipient of the National Music Theatre Network’s Director’s Choice Award in 2004.