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2000 Festival

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Number of Acts: 2
Number of Principals (Male): 3
Number of Principals (Female): 2
Total Cast Size: 5
Orchestra Breakdown:

Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2, Bass, Wind, Drum/Percussion OR: Keyboard 1, Wind, Drum/Percussion, and sequencing

Genre & Style:

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Convenience is a nearly through-sung musical, part comedy, part drama. During an awkward, funny, angry, and ground-breaking visit home, a single mother and her Generation-X son learn from their past selves and their future partners how to walk through a doorway without slamming it shut forever. Both mother and son have a secret: shes re-marrying; he has a boyfriend. From the second Vince walks through the door, the sparks fly. Liz, Vinces mother, only sees her rebellious son, while Vince only sees the mother who froze twenty years ago when their family divorced. When the past starts demanding to be heard (literally) both mother and son realize that things must change if they want to move forward. Show Music magazine says, “Coffin has a sense of humor,” “[His score] contains varied rhythms with lyrics [that] don’t betray his characters.” Talkin’ Broadway’s online review says, “The score is quick, complex, and extremely catchy. Coffin’s book effectively mixes humor and tension,

Festival Successes

Geva Theatre (NY), Human Race (OH), Sacramento Theatre Company (CA), Spirit of Broadway (CT), Stages Repertory Theatre (TX), Unicorn Theatre (KS), Minneapolis Musical Theatre (MN), New Conservatory Theatre Company (CA). Licensed by Dramatists Play Service .