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Children Of Eden

1996 Festival

Number of Acts: 2
Preferred Ensemble Size: 10
Total Cast Size: 10
Orchestra Breakdown:

3 keyboards, 3 reeds, horn, 2 guitars, drums, percussion, cello, bass

Genre & Style:

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Freely based on the story of Genesis, Children of Eden is a frank, heartfelt and often humorous examination of the age-old conflict between parents and children. Adam, Eve, Noah and the “Father” who created them deal with the headstrong, cataclysmic actions of their respective children. The show ultimately delivers a bittersweet but inspiring message: that ‘the hardest part of love is letting go.’

Festival Successes

Over 1,600 productions around the US. Paper Mill Playhouse Cast Recording on RCA Victor. West End revival 2012. Licensed by Music Theatre International, 212-541-4684 .