Below is a glossary of Guatemalan unique slang and phrases. As you enjoy the Mija presentation, we encourage you to use this guide to help you connect with the performance and understand the culture that inspired it.

¡Aguas! — “Careful!” or “look out!”

¡A huevos! — “For sure!”

¡Ala gran púchica vos! — Like “gosh darn it!”

Al grano — “Cut to the chase”

¡Andá a la verga! — Vulgar slang for “go to hell”

No vengo de arrear pijijes — “I’m not an idiot;” literally, “I don’t come from herding ducks”

Bochinche — Like a “riot,” refers to chaos or disorder caused by crowds

Bola / Bolo — A slang term for “drunk”

Brincones — Trouble-makers or people that are easy to antagonize

¡Cabal! — “Exactly!”

Cerote — A slang term for “dude” or more aggressively, “asshole”

Chapina / Chapín — Refers to a person from Guatemala, female / male

Chula or mami chula — Slang for “cute” / “beautiful woman” / “hottie”

Cuate — Friend

Entre la espada y la paredBetween “the sword and the wall,” or “a rock and a hard place”

¡Eso mero! — That’s right!

Esto tipo — “This guy”

Hueco — A derogatory / offensive term for “gay”

Mano — Slang for “bro”

Ni hablar — “No way”

Paja — A slang term for “junk,” like “that’s crap,” or “nonsense”

¡Puta de mierda! — A vulgar pejorative meaning “f**king whore”

Seño — Short for “Señora”

¡Sho! — “Shut up”

ShuteCalling someone “nosey”

Tener cuello — “Having neck,” i.e.  to have pull or influence

Traida — Girlfriend

¿Va’a? — “Right?”

This page was last updated on 10/14/2023