The Next Big Thing: Managing Your Niche in Theatre Education

February 23, 2016 3:00 pm ET

As theatre education professionals, we are pulled between sustaining current programs and growing to new populations. Those challenges, including maintaining current numbers, evaluating curriculum and articulating meaning for our work, increase when we consider the ways in which our field is diversifying and expanding. The challenges further compound when the theatre and education program are well established and new staff is hired into the company. This presentation offered ways to maximize growth and sustainability and minimize the negative impacts of turnover. Participants explored the idea of finding a niche by viewing ideas on how to expand current reach and imagining new programming by discussing ways to develop partnerships in unlikely places. It was also the goal of this webinar to start a discussion towards how do we in NAMT share resources. Bradford Forehand (Red Mountain Theatre Company) and Chad Dike (ZACH Theatre) presented.

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