Everyone’s A Fundraiser

August 16, 2017 12:00 pm ET

Most organizations have a fundraising or development team. While it can be tempting to say that these staff members alone are responsible for bringing in donations, the truth is everyone at your organization plays a vital role. From marketing to box office and even front of house, there’s a part for everyone to play and if everyone does your organization will profit.

In this presentation, Liv Nilssen (Business Analyst at Spektrix) discusses how to create institutional buy-in for fundraising goals and how every member of your organization can help to amplify those efforts.

  • 0:12 – Liv Nilssen’s introduction and overview
  • 3:11 – Thinking about fundraises differently/different types of fundraising
  • 6:34 – The patron experience
  • 8:34 – The 6 steps to a relation-based patron experience
  • 21:22 – Using ticketholder to enroll new patrons
  • 28:10 – What’s the main reason to treat seasonal patrons different than a new donor
  • 41:05 – Conclusions

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