Over 56,000 Reasons to Subscribe: How America’s Oldest Theatre Built America’s Most Vibrant Subscription Audience

December 7, 2011 1:00 pm ET

Have cultural institutions turned our loyal fans into casual buyers?  When did “customer relationship management” turn into giving less to our most loyal customers? Are we letting the single ticket buyer define our institution or are we building longer lasting relationships? Mark D. Sylvester, Managing Director and Ralph Weeks, Director of Marketing and Public Relations from the Walnut Street Theatre, shared how America’s Oldest Theatre, using traditional marketing tools and techniques that actually work, has engaged over 56,000 people who purchase subscription packages every year.

  • Know what goes into a marketing plan that brings in 56,000 subscribers each year.
  • Understand what it takes to build relationships with new audiences so that it becomes a two-way street
  • Unlock the secret to matching your marketing efforts with the buying patterns of your potential audience.
  • Discover the importance of listening to your audience and reacting to market demands through product, pricing and delivery.
  • Learn how audiences are making their purchasing decisions
  • Discuss what goes into building media partnerships that help grow your brand

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