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Building Momentum: Extending the Life of a New Musical

March 8, 2019

140 West 30th Street, New York, NY

Navigating a new musical through a world premiere is a huge feat for writers and producers. But what happens after the first production? NAMT writers and producers from NAMT member organizations discussed leveraging a world premiere into a second production and beyond. At the 2019 Writers’ Roundtable we explored how to build a relationship roadmap for all stages of development and production, collaboration strategies among multiple producing organizations, and technology developments for extending the reach of a new musical.


Friday, March 8, 2019 (All times ET )
12:00 pmCheck-in and Introductions

Interface NYC

12:30 pmNew Partners, Established Content

Interface NYC

  • How do writers and producers develop a roadmap for future collaborations during the development process?
  • What information from a show’s first production is most compelling to share with new theaters and producers?
  • How do writers and producers navigate development changes after a production?
  • What are the biggest roadblocks for taking on a second or third production of a new musical?
1:45 pmRolling World Premiere Musical

Interface NYC

  • What do collaboration models look like between producing organizations now?
  • What are best practices for developing a new musical with multiple artistic partners?
  • What does the ideal scenario look like for a rolling world premiere of a musical?
3:00 pmBe More Digital

Interface NYC

  • How are digital strategies cultivating new audiences for theaters and musicals?
  • What are best practices in making a cast recording?
  • How can these strategies be best utilized to extend the life of a new musical?
4:00 pmNetworking Reception

Interface NYC

Last updated 2/1/2019. Subject to change.


Apples and Oranges Arts
Tim Kashani
Concord Theatricals
Michelle Yaroshko
SVP, Professional Licensing (North America)
Creative Endeavor Office
Carolyn Miller
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Lillian Osei-Boateng
Program Manager for the Arts
Eric Krebs Theatrical Management, Inc.
Ceclia Lin
Eric Krebs Theatrical Management, Inc.
eric krebs
Goodspeed Musicals
Anika Chapin
Director of Artistic Development
Howard Gilman Foundation
Emily Sproch
Program Officer
Margot Astrachan Production
Margot Astrachan
National Alliance for Musical Theatre
Karin Nilo
Program Manager
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
Rod Kaats
Prospect Theater Company
Cara Reichel
Producing Artistic Director
Somerled Arts
Scott Evans
Artistic Director
Underscore Theatre Company
Rachel Johnson
Executive Director
V.J. Colonna Productions, Inc.
vincent colonna
David Darrow
Alie B. Gorrie
Yuri Worontschak
Sean Flahaven
Chief Theatricals Executive
Johanna Telander
Kit Yan
Sharon Fallon
Producer/General Manager
Cheryl Davis
Rob Rokicki
James Campodonico
Stacey Luftig
Douglas Cohen
Festival Alumni Writer
Aron Accurso
Barbara Anselmi
Mary Bracken Phillips
Benji Goldsmith
Marcus Stevens
Kevin Merritt
Chana Wise
Bryan Leys
Playwright, Lyricist
lynnette barkley
Matt Schicker
Show Shepherd
philip stern
Andrea Daly


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