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The Next Frontier:  Enhancing the Development Process

March 23

New York, NY

At this year’s Writers’ Roundtable, we explored how the musical theatre development landscape is changing, and what we—NAMT Festival Alumni Writers and producers from NAMT member organizations—can do to proactively address the needs of all involved. We looked at this “Next Frontier” through three different lenses: development program structures and the most effective ways to utilize resources; opportunities to ensure that our processes fully embrace equity, inclusion and diversity considerations; and the creation of safe spaces in development and communication, especially during times of tension and potential conflict.


Friday, March 23, 2018
11:30 amCheck-in and Introductions
12:00 pmUtilizing Development Resources

• What development program structures are particularly effective for writers and producers now?
• How do we want to see new works programs evolve?
• As musical theatre styles change, what resources are necessary?
• How do budgetary and artistic factors balance when making a development plan?

1:15 pmInclusivity and Developing Your Next Project

• Has a focus on equity, inclusion and diversity (EDI) changed the early stages of creating a new musical? If so, how?
• What conversations are most valuable between producer and writer around EDI in a new musical development process?
• When adjustments to our process are necessary, where do we start?
• Outside of the rehearsal room, what support from an organization is most valuable?

2:30 pmCreating Safe Spaces in Development

• What are best practices when difficult conversations come up in the development process?
• What does a safe space look like for writers? Beyond compensation, what makes a meaningful difference in the process?
• What does a safe space look like for producers and artistic staff?

3:30 pmNetworking Reception