March 27th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm ET

This event is for participants of the Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge for High School Students


Unlock your songwriting potential at the Music & Lyrics Breakout Sessions with special guests Joey Contreras (In Pieces) and Jeanna Phillips (Cowboy Bob, Fest ’20). Designed for aspiring musical maestros and lyrical geniuses alike, this event is your chance to dive deep into the dual worlds of music and lyrics. Join us on Zoom for an interactive, engaging session filled with discovery and creativity.

What to Expect:
Upon arrival, you’ll choose your adventure: will it be the melodic pathways of Music or the expressive landscapes of Lyrics? Each breakout session is crafted to provide a wealth of knowledge, fostering new skills so you can hone your craft under the guidance of industry professionals.

  • Hooks on Hooks: Maximizing Your Song’s Musical Impact with Joey Contreras (In Pieces). In this interactive presentation, Joey will explore how songwriters can introduce, drill, deconstruct and evolve a variety of musical layers as a catchy, storytelling device.
  • Moment-to-Moment Lyric Writing: Exploding the Mundane with Jeanna Phillips (Cowboy Bob, Fest ’20). When writing lyrics, how can centering the tangible communicate the ephemeral? This workshop frames lyric writing for musical theatre as an opportunity to dive deep into a character’s sensory experience. Together we’ll find the sparkles in the concrete.

Join Us:
Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your songwriting prowess in both music and lyrics. Get ready to transform your ideas into captivating songs that resonate with audiences far and wide!

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