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Developing Relationships while Developing a Musical

May 5, 2012, 2:00 - 7:00 pm

On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, NAMT hosted Festival alumni and NAMT members in a roundtable about the writers building relationships with other writers, directors, theatres, producers, agents and licensing houses.  There are many spots at the table and the right mix is necessary to a successful venture.

Organizations and Shows represented at the Roundtable:
(italics=shows, bold=NAMT Members)

Abrams Artists Agency
Adam Lives

Canadian Music Theatre Project

Dani Girl
The Danish Academy for Musical Theatre

Davenport Theatricals
The Dogs of Pripyat
Factory Girls
Funkentine Rapture
The Girl in the Frame
Goodspeed Musicals
Iron Curtain
It Shoulda Been You
Jungle Queen Debutante
Murder on Broadway
Music Theatre International
New York Theatre Barn
On A Glorious Day
Samuel French
Paper Moon
Party Come Here
Playing Pretend
Play It Cool
Playwrights Horizons
Pregnancy Pact
Redhand Guitar
Rhinbeck Writers Retreat
See Rock City & Other Destinations
The Sixth Borough
The Story of My Life
Summer of ’42
Tate Theatricals
Theatre Latte Da

Theatrical Rights Worldwide
The Memory Show
Vanities a new musical
William Morris Endeavor
Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus
…and more to come!


2:00 pm
Check-in and Introductions
2:15 pm The Writer-Writer Collaboration

    1. How do writers work with each other, when does it get “serious” and when do you use a collaboration agreement?
    2. How do you find new writers to work with?
    3. How do you settle creative or personal issues with current collaborators?

Moderated by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill from The Story of My Life

3:15 pm Break 
3:30 pm Creating a Good Bond with a Theatre

      1. What are tips or tricks to forming a relationship with a theatre or producer?
      2. What are theatres and producers looking for (and not) in a writing team?
      3. If you have people you like to work with (actors, directors) and the theatre/producer has people they like to work with, what happens if those lists don’t match?

Moderated by Bob Alwine of Goodspeed Musicals

4:30 pm Break 
4:45 pm Your Allies:  Licensing Houses and Agents

      1. How do you get an agent and do you need one?
      2. What will (or won’t) an agent do for you?
      3. What are licensing houses looking for in properties and how does it feel to be “a property”?

With representatives from Abrams Artists Agency, ICM, MTI, Samuel French, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, WME and more to be announced.

Moderated by Branden Huldeen of NAMT

6:00 pm Wine and Cheese Reception

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